Sunset at Kaiam

Ok, so it's been a long time since I posted here... My bad. I've gone
from Kaiam to Mambis to Madang back to Mambis in the past month so you
might say that I've been rather busy. Right now I'm going through all
the photos that I took while down in Kaiam and there's more than a few
of them so expect another mass posting of photos in the next week or so
before I fly back to the states for a couple months. No use sitting in
one place hu?

This photo was taken back in September, but it looks pretty shiny, so I
thought you should see it to. The sunsets (and rises, but who's up for
that?) really fast when you live so close to the equater. This sunset
was only visible for about a minute before the sun actually set.
Luckily my camera was only thirty seconds away. Enjoy!