Panorama Point Nebraska

Ok, I thought I'd already posted this picture, but apparently not...
It's from a little while back (2005) when I was still living in Nebraska
and went to visit the highest point in Nebraska: Panorama Point at
5429ft (1655m), just over a mile high... Take that Denver!

Oh, right, forgot to mention I'm planning a road trip for the summer:
Alaska -> Nebraska... Sound familiar? I know, I know, I did the reverse
a few years ago... At least this time I'll have some company, so it
should be even better!


I am such a slacker

I was wondering where all the hard drive space on my computer was going,
then I decided to look at my 'Pictures' directory... 111Gb ouch... Well,
time to go back through and edit some of those CR2 files that I haven't
touched in since the middle of 2009... Anyone remember Ignite Alaska?


Nature is Alive!

There's been a bee hive buzzing outside my door again. Between the time
that I'd removed the hive last year, took my time re-boarding up the
side of the building, and left to go to Kaiam, the bees had returned.
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to get to them before I left to go
to Madang, or before I left to go to the states, so it was time to take
care of them now.

The rains came in the late afternoon, and if I learned anything from
'Bee Movie' it's that bee's don't like rain and really can't fly in it.
Time to put my fictional movie knowledge to the test! I donned my
raincoat and a crowbar and ripped into the side of the house. Whenever
the bees got too intense, I took a step back from the awning and watched
them plummet to the ground. Success!

A mosquito net and a big soup pot later, the hive had been removed to
the freezer to await until morning. Meanwhile, I've stepped out my door
every now and again to see the moving mass remaining. I know for a fact
that there is no hive remaining under this mass of bees. It's pretty
impressive to see a ball of stingers that formidable.

Can you count them all?