Easter Morning

God, what did you do?

You made that... made this... by yourself.  You choose to get into this mess.  I wouldn't have.  
You created me, allowed my imperfections, my weaknesses, my cowardliness. I wouldn't have.

You let him do that?  How could you?  He never did anything to you, and you let him do THAT? 
For me?  I'm not worth THAT!  NO! I'm not...  really I'm not.  I haven't done anything for you.

I ignore you, reject you, resent you, push you aside, and so much worse.  Why do you keep coming back?

Love? That doesn't seem like love, it seems like stupidity. 70x7? Always? Forever? Forever is a long time.
I know you know that... but do you really mean it?  Really?  REALLY?!?! huh...


And what about him? 
You let him do that for me...  You should have let me take that fall, after all, it was my mistakes that put him there.

No he isn't... There's no way.  I know you can do everything, but you CAN'T do that.
'I just did.'? What is 'I just did.'?!?!

So, he's here? Now? With me?

Always and Forever, to the very end of the age.