Mt. Giluwe

We were driving to Mt. Hagen the other day and we had a very clear view
of Mt. Giluwe which is 4367m (~14330 feet) tall. The Lutz's say that
it's a pretty easy hike up to the top of it that usually takes about two
days. One day is the drive and hike up to base camp, and the second day
is the hike up to the peak. If you wanted more time to explore the
peaks, that would add an extra day, but might be worth it. So far, no
plans for that kind of a hike.

In contrast, Mt. Wilhelm which is the tallest mountain in PNG is 4509m
(~14800 feet) tall, and Mt. Hagen is only 3791m (~12440 feet) tall...
Supposedly it can snow on all of these mountains, but rarely does.
These mountains are also usually covered by clouds, but we happened
along at the right time to catch Mt. Giluwe in the clear.

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Anonymous said...

Giluwe is the sevens volcanic summits in the Pacific Oceania region, the highest in the Australian Continent.....read more on, http://pnghtours.blogspot.com/

Giluwe Trekker